Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“Lecherous Me”

When progress is a step forward with every word I say
The Earth can outrun me in its rotation with each day
Am I coming down with something; have I been stricken ill?
The flesh I crave so hopelessly is consuming me still
My eyes deceive me as her thighs will tease me
Am I a monster as I speak the unspeakable plea?
Her body is so beautiful and I just want a taste
My mind becomes the victor in a war of cut and paste
I’ve got melancholy riding shotgun as I return to my home
Are my dirty thoughts going to corrode my heart of chrome?

The sex I crave, the hunger within
A rising fire, an all-consuming sin

Saturday, June 26, 2010

“Sunshine, Shores, Transcendence”

Am I coming to grips with my humanity?
I’ve seen a new side of myself today
I found a place to fit in with my family
I feel like an uncle for the first time
And not just another familiar face
The sunshine warms my troubled heart
And the coast calms my anxious soul
Light the darkened sky on fire for me

A confident step into manhood
I’m seeing through my fa├žade
The wind and trees all move for me
And the sun lights the sky today
Maybe I am alone but I am searching
I know the love of my life is out there
She’s probably crying, calling out for me
When she finds me I’ll be her everything

I am growing and I am gaining strength
I will break away from my sorrow
Slay my weaknesses and march onward
I will grow into a beautiful tree
Blessed by the earth and sky
I will come out of this cocoon
And you will see my beautiful wings

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

“Anchors Aweigh Ye Lonesome”

My hand wishes for a seat within another’s hand
My head is begging for a rest upon her shoulder
My eyes are too tired and my legs are too weak
I feel like I can’t move an inch in this subtle death
Companionship blowing in the wind behind me
And I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment
A wish upon a star is but a fish upon a sea

Saturday, June 19, 2010

“Among The Feathers”

She’s got me right where she wants me
I’m the number dialed out of necessity
Keeping me just close enough for comfort
I become zombified as I continue forward

Those thoughts creep back into my head
And throw me right back to the ground
Where I started

But I won’t
(No, no I won’t)
I won’t let myself be so weak this time

She’s got me right where she wants me
(She’s got me right where she needs me)
I’m the number dialed out of necessity
(The number much less dialed out of desire)
Keeping me just close enough for comfort
(She keeps me just far enough away)
I become zombified as I continue forward
(Reaching out as slowly move toward the sunlight)
As if I were hungering for the next day of my life

But I won’t!
(No, no I won’t)
I won’t let myself be so weak this time!

I call out to myself in the mirror
I will face you!

I've got to throw this away
I've got to look away

For I know that
Oh precious, you do exist somewhere
Above the horizon and over those rolling hills
This is not you, this is not meant for me
I have to become who I want to be
Before I can let you see

I send my love from across time
Know that I am being strong for you

She’s got me right where she wants me
I’m the number dialed out of necessity
Keeping me just close enough for comfort
I become zombified as I continue forward

I call out to myself in the mirror
(I send my love from across time)
I will face you!
(Know that I am being strong for you)
I call out to myself in the mirror
(I send my love from across time)
I will face you!
(Know that I am being strong for you)

I won’t let myself be so weak this time!
I am not weak
I will not break
I am not weak
I will not break!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

“Metamorphosis 47% Complete”

Cut the skin and let the reason flow
Dress the wound and pray for your soul
Reality is but a dream in this sequence
The words painted across your silly face
Break your mental capacity and evolve
A new species to be found within yourself
But you must let go of your humanity
The soil will not judge you as you walk upon it
Those eyes however must be torn out
Become what you’ve always wanted to be
Fade into coma as you unleash your mind

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

“Burning Down Your White Flag”

So you’re unhappy,
You’re the bearer
Of your own misfortune
Throw your apathy away
And fight back!
Change your life

Destroy yourself
Tear out your insides
Rebuild from the ashes
Reshape who you are
Force your own hands
Change your life.

If it pains you, toss it aside
If it calls out your name, ignore it
Break free of your bonded mentality
Burn down your unholy enclosures
March on and never surrender
Change your life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

“Meta-Ghost: The Unwavering Saint”

Coarse skin, thick air
The fog weighs heavy today
I wish I could stop breathing

Oh moonlit sky, the desert has taken me in
Pray, as the skies are augmented with overcast dreams
My mind is on shuffle as I proceed through this preliminary
The ocean calls out to me, drawing me near, am I losing it?

Wrecked soul, ruined smile
A growing flame with freshly cut wood at its heart
And I wish I could stop breathing

I dream of being weightless so the wind could take me
These walls are melting and twisting all around me, laughing
They can read my mind and they watch everything I do
I’m jaded; I want no more of this helpless indecency

Unclean thoughts, motionless heart
These fists tighten around the neck that bore them
I will stop breathing

Saturday, June 12, 2010

“Birthed In Oil”

There were tentacles and wires
There were no lights, no fires
Then a hand slipped through
The womb of thick black goo
Take my hand! Take my hand!
I need you now before I can stand
Flesh slipped through the oily canal
Not quite what I’d call natural
Are we all alone among these stars?
Am I stuck here with all these scars?
With no home left to return to?
Just darkness, no lights, no view
These mutated beasts draw near
And we’ve succumbed to our fear
Blow torches in hand, hungering for skin
Escape now, the wrath of the ugly twin
Get inside if you want to live, eject, eject!
This darkness is not what you expect!

Friday, June 11, 2010

“Royal Ghost: The Age of Crimson”

I’ll enjoy the scenery as my heart speeds up
A nervous motion upon a marvelous sun rise
Neither light nor dark can guide this lost soul
I’ll find myself raising my fists to the sky again
Only to be faced by another astounding grin
I think this world is going to swallow me whole
Or I’ll end up bleeding out before my very eyes
Bathe in gold, oh humble soldier, and raise your cup!

And you want it bad
You want it, you want it bad
Don’t you, boy?

That gaze, that grin, oh it’s turning me to stone
Seems I’ll crumble before I feel myself alive again
Breathe in, breathe out, exoskeletal emotional reign
Favor us now, oh distant sun, I need this morning glow
Must I come crashing down upon myself to muster a ‘hello’?
I find myself spinning in circles over this, wracking my brain
This is the age of crimson and we’re all bathing in sin
Radio silence consumes me as I constantly check my phone

And you want it bad
You want it, you want it bad
Don’t you, boy?
Get over yourself

You’re a ghost wearing a robe and a crown
Unholy host, burning the globe and gown
Just give up

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

“OF Fury & Fortune”

Funny thing about the sun is that after it abandons you
It comes right back, just as bright as before
And all you have to do is have a little patience
This is the faith you need to have in yourself

[Before you fall apart]

Shut yourself up before you destroy the world
Relish in your blessings before they crumble
It’s not easy living with yourself in dark times

Feign not, for the future is worth waiting for
Reach out with your palm wide open and receive
The things I’m trying to tell you

When it brings you sorrow
When it brings you agony
Tear out your heart
Listen to your soul

So shut yourself up before you destroy us all
Relish in your blessings before they crumble
I know it’s not easy living with yourself in darkness

But feign not, the future is so worth waiting for
So reach out with your palm wide open and receive
The things I’m trying to get through to you

When it brings you sorrow
When it brings you sorrow
[Throw it away]
When it brings you agony
When it brings you agony
[Tear out your heart]
Listen to your soul
[Listen to your soul]
Listen to your soul!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

“Mourn, Phantasmal Shore”

The silent waters begged for my return on this night, it seems
I left my iron shell for a moment and traveled to the exact spot
That I knelt down and gave her three things on that overcast night
A white rose for eternal friendship and a red rose for eternal love
And that ring she knew I had, the one she waited so eagerly for
But the times have changed and the ocean brings different waters
Ghosts have come and haunted me but this night is cleansed
The drive home was a reminder of everyone else I’d been with
Each area a memory of a beautiful girl and a time now long gone
It’s as if no matter how bad it hurts, it’s just another recollection
And I can’t stop fidgeting; now I’m at the edge of my seat
As I come home and stuff another wad of cash in my jar
I’ll take this worn out soul halfway across the country if I have to
Dying for an escape, not from the sorrow but from the reminders
And I don’t need to prove to any of you that I’m over all of this
My heart beats for the next page, a blank canvas before me
I’m waiting for my fair maiden to arrive and spill her colors upon it
Paint me a new tomorrow, dearest stranger, I’m waiting patiently
I’ll take this anguish to the grave, but I won’t wallow in it any longer
Wraith upon wraith on these dark shores, oh unhallowed boon
Wreck yourself no more, fellow spirit, for the stars shine tonight

Saturday, June 5, 2010

“Sonnet to Your Defeat”

From the catacombs an echo is heard
Rotting skulls rolling around, absurd
Where the light travels underground
Is where your deathbed can be found
My wings will spread and I will not fail
I will not cower for I am no longer frail
I am on my rise and I shall never halt
Dear treasured spirit, this is your fault
And this is where my sword will rest
Alas, buried deep inside of your chest
There is no hope for you dearest rival
They’ll mourn as they witness my revival
An ending draws near as darkness falls
With your blood I shall paint the walls

“Anathema On High”

Pushing me down
Pushing me down
Bury me with a crown

I’m tired of your little white lies and I’m tired of your excuses
I’m tired of your confrontation and I’m tired of you

I am the northerner
And my rage will not rest on this day

Those advances are heard and they are not the first, nor the last
You detest me and I will not forgive what I cannot comprehend
You hurt me in so many ways and for what? You had to have me
You had to have me!

So just think about that as you take up your cup and toast a brand new tragedy
You are pestilent and I am so far away from feeling anything but this deep shade
How can I be your friend when you’ve ruined so much of who I am?
Have you no morels, no heart, no head, no hurt?

I burn this to the ground because I cannot look upon it anymore without anguish
It’s sad to see it end in flames but she’s burning down
I wish you the best of luck when I’m in my right mind
But these fleeting emotions, these fists form so easily
I’m afraid its goodbye and I hope you get what you deserve

“Everything Around Beauty Is Made Ugly”

I’m wary just giving thought to these things anymore
Speaking of them only breathes life into them and death into me

I’m the wild card; fitting in wherever you need me
But for some reason I find myself in the discard pile
Someone tell me why young beautiful flesh is so unobtainable
Like sentient beings among men they stride with petty concerns
All of this is giving me a migraine as I push myself toward the morrow
Steadying my nervous hand and attempting to ignore those whispers

And as for all of you, dear thoughts, stay your charm and linger
For dreams and ambitions will bring me far but what you’re doing is…


Fantasies and desires set this liar liar on fire
Fantasies and desires all the things I admire

Blessed shadow, rise up and claim your throne
Your potential is greater than that of mine
I’ve been bludgeoned; Broken every bone
I’ll wake up after all of this one day feeling just…

Thursday, June 3, 2010

“Vile Rose: The Human Heartache”

Is it just me or is it hot in here?
Is it just me?
Or am I catching fire!?

I’m in my own little world but it’s starting to feel like I’m stuck in it.
Through the tinted glass I can see the poison spill
Eating alive the flesh before it seeps its way through the concrete

Oh god, have mercy
I’m relying on my own self control tonight
I’ve found security in my hallucinations
I’m become a burning mass of thought
The stars will be jealous, don’t you think?

“When every breath you take is a breath back to life
And your body is stained with the soil you took your slumber below
The death that became you slowly slips away through your fingers
And your heart starts to beat again as dawn rises up behind your back
You might be caught off guard but it might just be your lucky day”

But might is a powerful word…
I might just fall asleep and dream of the same horrors all over again
What If I give this heart away once more and it’s not strong enough?
What shall I do when I am turned to stone yet again, never-ender?
I am living history; a long cycle of distress, astonishing in my ignorance

“So I’ll course your veins
I’ll read your mind
I can even feel your heart
Fear me not

Oh, fear me not, dearest boy!
I wish not for your agony
You will see in due time
For I am love and I am eternal!”

"Black Holiday"

I've got these Booming emotions from times now past, echoing in the silence of my apathetic mind. A phone call for a million brooding blood vessels and I'm more concerned about my right to carry my fists tightly locked.

So I'm corrupted and I'm going mad
So they say

I find myself starring at the stars trying to make sense out of my life, secretly hoping they'd all fall out of the sky and come crashing down. Dawn's burning mass of security lies just over the selfish horizon.

So I'm bitter and I'm always sad
So they say

I want to travel the country side and escape my unsatisfactory course of action; I was meant for greater things than these. I'll claim my place in this world and topple all visions you had of me as I rise up from this deathbed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

“Ascension One-Twenty”

It’s the adrenaline rush when someone is in dire need
It’s the dehydration after pushing yourself too far
It’s the dry tears after you’ve ripped out your aching heart

It’s the dawn of a new day
The sun is always shinning and the trees all move with the same rhythm
It’s the sparkles on the ocean and the stars in the sky at the end of the night
My fists loosen and my worn out face cracks a smile for once


It’s the way everyone disappears in a thunderstorm
My feet breaking into a stride even when faced with a brick wall
It’s the self conscious ever whispering in my mind
Letting the fresh air breathe life back into me