Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A swarm in my mind
It’s warm in my heart
It’s the excuse I feed myself
The reason my eyes are weak

Crescent dreams light the sky
The mournful blackness spreads
The stars fight back with glowing lights
But the galaxy may burst at the seams

The wreckage becomes omnipotence
Every being reborn into nonexistence
As the abyss fades as reality collapses
But the world starts to reform anew

And energy washes over me
Falling stars have given me life once more
Suddenly I know what I have to do
And for once I’m not lost in this lucid dream

Sunday, October 17, 2010

“The End of All Static”

Say goodbye, twin sisters.
Fall short of my dreams.
Helpless in sorrow and
Faded by your screams…

It’s the untwisted, unraveled path.
Tomorrow is what I’m living for.
I’ve been searching for a lifetime
And now I’ve finally reached its core.

Here I wake up in the haze
I see a maiden among the trees
My vision still blurred from the salted waters.
Will this heart bring me to my knees?

Father, can you hear me when I call out to you?
Did you have any idea that I’d lost myself for a while?
Are you sure you’re listening; I just want to make sure…
On this legendary day you have brought me a smile!

I can’t seem to dry these swollen eyes…
What is this feeling? Could I be living again?
Revival of heart, I’m breathing once more.
From beneath the earth I arise with my skin.

Say goodbye, twin sisters.
A victory in my battlefield of dreams
The static is far behind me now.
No longer faded by your screams…

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

“Soulcastle” - *100th Blog Post!*

I’ve been fully restored; revived from the depths of dreams.
The face of terror was locking in my mind for far too long…
Now I just have to find my place in all of this chaos.
Should I take to the skies or take to the seas?

Mirrors check up on me while LCDs enthrall me.
The past makes a brilliant appearance in all of this.
Would words be enough to give you, I’d be satisfied.
This hunger within me seems to lash out at me.

Am I strong enough, with you on my side, never-ender?
Will I betray my own temptations at long last?
Will the night sky shed a single star for me?
All these unanswered questions leave me hesitant.

I’m no murderer, no offender, yet my sin lives within.
Nevertheless, I cannot fall short of myself any longer.
An aura overwhelms me and I find myself not so brittle.
And I find myself longing for a new frontier.