Thursday, July 29, 2010

“Through the Static: Dominion”

Electric voices are heard in the form of tiny buttons
They are pressed in succession in the correct order

And the password was accepted

Here comes the flow of release
Anathema can rest below my feet
I’ve got a date with the sun today
And the wires in the sky reformat
My aching face scribbles on my heart
A hand and a device is all we need

Goodbye, video demon
I’ve wiped clean this motherboard
I’m encircled by miracle-light
And I want you to know
This is my digital forgiveness

[End transmission]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“The King of Bears”

I will stand and I will not fall

I can crush your hopes and take what I want

You’ll run in fear and I’ll smell it in the air

You’ll cower in fear as I hunt you down

I can move boulders and roar the wilds apart

I’ll bring this whole forest down if I have to

You’ll put your feeble defenses up as I close in but

You can’t harm me because I’m the king of bears!

I’ll shred you with a single swing of my massive arms

I’m the king of bears and I’ll drag you into my lair

You’ll scream in pain as I cook you with my laser eyes

You’ll be so delicious as I tear into your roasting corpse

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

“Snake Prom”

Dot my eyes and cross my teeth
I swear to God, I won’t say another word
I slipped off the edge and now I can’t stop falling

Is this just a dream of an eternal decent?
Oh heavens no, it’s just my wishes come true
Has he truly lent an ear to my woes at last?
Heavenly father, I know my trials will bear fruit
And they have! (Oh yes they have!)

I’ve got the devil riding on my back today
Heaven’s light like a ballroom ceiling
And I’ll dance through space
And I’ll take time by the throat

Monday, July 26, 2010

“Five One Five”

There I am just trying to please you
And you throw it right back in my face
Let’s dress this all up in some disguise
And shake it like a salt shaker, baby
Foul mouthed like a loaded shotgun
So many serpents crawling around
But I’m the slug trapped in a ring of salt
My throats on fire and my eyes are burning
You want to go for a ride, baby?

I’m taking this thing downtown!
We’re going to crash through the walls
Fasten your seatbelt, baby!

We’re going downtown!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

“Gold Hope”

I hear a call to rise
And I will stand up tall
Face the earth with an open heart
Shed your light upon the darkest depths
Flames of hatred may burn bright
And blind those captivated by it
Like insects around a light bulb
There’s so much more out there
And you’re worth the effort
So just stand up tall
And listen for the call

Thursday, July 22, 2010

“The Sculptor”

I’ll seize the day by the horns and I will dig my little knife right into it
I’ll carve away all the excess and define it with great detail

Hope for heaven, leap for stars
I used to soar so high up there
But I wound up riding on wings of death
Yet this little glow of mine is new
A different colored flame burns now
Could it be, oh could it be?

Love is but a faint and distant memory?

But you’re wrong, as there is someone here to see you
“Hello” she said as I noticed her beautiful smile

The golden sun rose as I discovered something unique
We’re both infatuated by one another
Gentle spirit, you are welcome here

Oh, discord; leave me for my heart is in need of strength
Father, armor me!
I am ready and I accept this,
New love.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“To Weep Before the Moon”

I’ve given up, lost myself in my entirety
A fist full of fury and a heart with no path
Is there nothing else for me in this darkness?

Take this frenzy from me; I no longer care for it
I would sooner slay my own kind than sink to the dregs
I will never share your hunger for decimation

I forsake myself on this night
I’ll shed these tears before the moon
Stripped bare upon the light
Lain upon me is this, most holy boon

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"White Knight"

Are you there?
Is this all of your doing?
Is your hand in this, Father?

My heart has suffered wrath and felt the flames of anguish
But I put my faith in you and I knelt down and prayed for days.

Could this be your gift to me?
Take this life from me
No longer am I a dark knight
Release me from this noose!

Am I on fire or is my heart glowing?
Can I possibly stand any taller now?

Tears in my eyes as I cast that dark armor to the ground!
Give me instead your holy armaments, guard me, Lord.

I will no longer walk the path of anguish
I am a white knight and I will not break
I can be strong for you, oh dreamer
I aspire to be everything that you need
I will crush my deadly sins below my feet

I am the white knight and I will not break
I can be strong for you, oh dreamer

And I think I’m falling…


There’s a place where my heart glows
It’s set on the horizon, where the wind blows
Over mountains where the water flows
In the heavens with my eternal repose
As the darkness keeps me on my toes
The reign of suffering comes to a close
I’m wearing a grin and holding a rose
Plant this seed and pray that it grows

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“The Last 17 Minutes of My Life”

Oh God have you heard my aches, my pleas!?
Won’t you lift me from my bleeding knees?

Oh, Father, will I descend upon this upturned knife?
Let me tell you about the last seventeen minutes of my life!

Grace rain down on me and tear the flesh from my face!
Nights like these make me realize your love can never be replaced!

Merciful hands jet from the sky and aim for my throat tonight.
As my body is broken for you I shall fulfill my divine right.

The suffering is worse than all of your nightmares and fears,
As my blood is spilled for you, oh, father, shed no tears.

I am the son and I will be spit upon and ridiculed by you all,
But remember the death on your lips will be your downfall.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

“Unconscious Picture Show”

Hey impatient,
Why is there a grin in your face?
How did we get here in the first place?

Oh faithful, blinded by your sugar-coated melancholy.
The pit of scissor pointed fire becomes an aphrodisiac.
Aggravated by the sudden ending of your story!

Where did you go, subtle dreamer?
A maniacal laughter fills the room…
As I cower before the towering king!

Write a list of sinful souls and put my name at the top!
Reptile skin, wire hair and plastic promises…
Soak the abomination in gasoline and toss a match over your shoulder!

Burn that forsaken mutant to the filth it rests upon!
Cackle again, suppressor and your head will be mine.
I will walk away from this alive, dearest demon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


The end of suffering.
The prolonged severance of a brutal entity
And its ripened heart, set for self termination.

These eyes are open, these doors are closing
Encumbering is the benign king of all
Let the resilience wash over you.

They hiss in the air like serpents
Their stingers are like daggers
You must bow your head!

“Turn away from them, you do not need them
Face the sky and call out my name!
I will carry you away!”

Shuddering as it overwhelms me,
These eyes are open!

“Don’t Panic!”

Don’t panic

My head is day dreaming somewhere
No longer snared in a dangerous nightmare

I’ve not yet given up
I’m not crippled by fear
I’m not gonna…

My head is day dreaming somewhere
The beating strengthens in my chest’s lair

I’ve not yet given up
I’m not crippled by fear
I’m not gonna panic!

Precious savior, guide me
My guardian, my soul’s fire
What say you, oh Lord?

Don’t Panic!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

“The Ever Rising Sun”

Taken in by my surroundings
Returning to where I’d left off
Almost as if I found myself up there
Where I thought I shed my shell
A spirit has reunited with me on this day
The air brushing against me gently
The sun warming up my soul again
My fists loosen as my heart thaws
The trees and hills cover the horizon
Joyous are these, days of revival
Standing tall with wings spread
A journey to the future unfolds
And I’ve finally got a smile on my face

Sunday, July 4, 2010

“Little Sorrow”

Little sorrow,
Can you feel my beating heart?
No tomorrow
With your insides torn apart

Should I face the mirror?
Do I have anything to fear?

How many times did I die, after you and I?
Did I know how sore I would be, after you and me?
And how did I not realize the plot for our demise?

One day you will feel just like me and I won’t be there for you


Little sorrow,
Can you feel my beating heart?
No tomorrow
With your insides torn apart

Should I face the mirror?
Do I have anything to fear?
Should I face the mirror?
Do I have anything to fear?

Friday, July 2, 2010


Woken by a blinding light,
My fists rise up for a fight,
But my eyes are blinded
It is of hope I am reminded

I am enshrined by that which defeats me
Cursed with eyes that do not truly see
Yet, I take courageous flight in this abyss
Armored to the teeth, awaiting a maiden’s kiss