Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Transgression Part I: The Neglected Hills"

The desert sheds its skin as the wind hunts it like a starving beast

The sharp screeching of a ruthless animal can be heard in the distance

These abandoned hills were once a colorful dream of a landscape

Every blade of grass enkindled with the fervor of life

The shadows ride lonesome

The hunger spreads

As humanity is peeled away

From the primal base of a being

Another grave is completed at the beck of the sun

A single wild rose clutches the gravestone

Mercy is but a victim to this reprise

A dizzy hope stirs like a mirage

Dehydrated pedals lose their grip

A somber end awaits them

And a single cloud watches over

But the dust never settles in the west

A deafened prayer lingers

Like a hungry rodent

Fingers coarse through the sand like silk

As the sea draws near

Friday, June 17, 2011

“Trauma Science”

The smell of leather licked with flame
Spinning wheels and confusion; relativity
I think my future got in an accident with the past
Too bad they don’t sell insurance for childhood dreams

This one doesn’t understand
Why he’s even standing

Tell me again why I’m holding on
I fell through on all my promises
And collapsed on the pieces I couldn’t pick up

Still wet behind the ears
Not as I thought I’d be
There’s no – starting over
With my hands in the mud

But take a look at me, smiling uncomfortably
I don’t wanna make a wrong move
So I don’t move at all

This one doesn’t understand
Why he’s even standing

I can’t breathe in here
With all the stagnant air
Life’s on the edge of my lips
So sweet I can taste it

Just a little further
I think I can reach it
Just pray I don’t fail
Oh please no, not again

My fingers strike the keys
But there aren't any locks
I've got no way out of this one

She’s made of metal
And her words are sharp as knives
She’s coming for me

She will hit a vital organ
But I’ve gotta get away
Adrenaline… makes the great escape

There’s no giving up
No I’m through with all that
So let’s try a different approach
This time, I’m gonna call the shots
No more pulling strings on my skeleton

This one doesn’t understand
Why he’s even standing

But that’s not gonna stop me
I will be…
I will be…
I will be exploding
I will be…
I will be…
I will be exploding like the sun

Friday, June 3, 2011


Just when you thought everything was gonna be okay
Our haywire minds are set to meltdown
There’s no escaping the maw of shadow
Human nature is a system failure

Close your eyes and start the show
A vintage slideshow of pseudo happiness
A place to hide your bitter self
Subliminally baptized in pretty release

Back in action with headache tactics
Our haywire hearts are set to meltdown
There’s no escaping the maw of shadow
Human nature is a system failure

I swear to God, no one is happy in this world
There is no place to lie your head for some rest
This world is a bleeding stress ball
And the iron fist of woe grips it tightly

Monday, May 16, 2011

"My Heroine"

She's quick and she's cool
She's strong and she's beautiful

The one that will never destroy me
Never tear me down

She mends my howling spirit
She builds me up

I never would have seen her coming
Faster than a train, stronger than steel

She's the multicolor flower with a million pedals
I can pick them all off and she loves me everytime.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Heart Shaped Heart"

Ghosts with rounded edges, hanging in the sky

I miss you terribly but I’ve already said goodbye

My heart is whole again but scarred forever

The darkness rolls by like a thunderstorm

The past is gone in the blink of an eye

In an instant, friends became foes

In a sequel they are friends once more

While those closest to me are now covered in permanent marker

And I’m the only one left in the photograph

I wish I could dance to the sound of time

The slow, melancholy swing of the pendulum

The tale of love, rivalry, betrayal and hate

I just hope you’re happy out there, wherever you are

As I exit the pixelated reminiscence, my mind melts

And the future draws near…

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Enervating Sigh"

The wide eyed dog at the end of the table

The hand in the fingerless glove on the side of the road

The glass eyes of a caring heart

Can’t complain when all you’ve got is scraps

The shame of the pariah, the taste of guilt

Stones cast into the sky as I remain still

The hand grips the pickaxe and swings once more at the ground

There’s almost no reward for what I do but that doesn’t stop me

So don’t short change me for what you don’t see

The ghost of persecution haunts us all

And I am somebody, worth my weight in gold

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“Non-Fictional Fatality”

Silver tongues and eyes set to destroy
Just tell me why you’re so persistent
You’re leading a crusade against me
My gentle, peaceful heart put to the test
I’m seeing red and there is no calm
A breath from the crypt, a sigh of despair
Disloyalty stirs within the sibling’s mind
The bonds of blood bled dry for a stranger’s sake
Her ghastly lips turned hostile; an automatic weapon
Piercing a heart, trying so hard to recover

Friday, February 25, 2011

"Lens Flare"

The white threadwork glistened in the sun’s expanse
The beheaded manikins were captured there
Like flies with wings snared by the ebon weave
A solar expanse and a blinding collapse
All in an instant

Sun dried emotion drug out in the open
I was splitting apart from the inside
As my glass fell in slow motion
Inanimate and floating through time
All at a glance

The hand fell from its rest within mine
A turning head is all I saw that night
As the sun went down so did my spirits
My eyes no longer harbor the strength to stay open
Nor my fingers the will to write

As I fade to the world’s injustice
Be it that I leave my own little mark
If not but a little scratch
I’d use my finger nails and make an “S”
Maybe I could manage an “O” and a couple “R”s
But I’d probably die before I finished with a “Y”

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"The Great Divergence"

There is darkness and there is light.
There is black and there is white.
Occasionally we fall into the grey.
At times when we are led astray.
The deepest black is a gift and not a curse.
It is but the purest white seen in reverse.
It is because of the darkness that we see the light.
The contrasting of being blind and having sight.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

“The Witch & the Spider Queen”

I’ve been bitten and barely survived
The toxin that eats away from the inside
I barely made it out with my life
But you’d rather laugh in my face,
Turn your own blood away
And shame your family name
Become the witch’s pawn
As she makes you her queen
Now I’m the child, a foolish pet
Worth nothing on my own
Your mind bares the mark
The very same turmoil
That scars my heart
Feast on your bitter relent
Vanish, oh deceiver
I will not play your game