Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Transgression Part I: The Neglected Hills"

The desert sheds its skin as the wind hunts it like a starving beast

The sharp screeching of a ruthless animal can be heard in the distance

These abandoned hills were once a colorful dream of a landscape

Every blade of grass enkindled with the fervor of life

The shadows ride lonesome

The hunger spreads

As humanity is peeled away

From the primal base of a being

Another grave is completed at the beck of the sun

A single wild rose clutches the gravestone

Mercy is but a victim to this reprise

A dizzy hope stirs like a mirage

Dehydrated pedals lose their grip

A somber end awaits them

And a single cloud watches over

But the dust never settles in the west

A deafened prayer lingers

Like a hungry rodent

Fingers coarse through the sand like silk

As the sea draws near