Monday, September 13, 2010

“Death Howl”

It courses through your head
And it won’t rest ‘til it’s been fed

Pray for your souls; the armored ants are advancing
The hills will fall to dust as the demons start dancing
Every life is forfeit by the end of the show
Darkness eternal, even in the white of snow

“I noticed you just couldn’t contain yourself today
When I cut you open and let all the blood spray”

A wave of light delays the passing of time
Death seeps into the air covering all in rime
Disintegrating last words escape his throat
The ashen skeleton would bellow and gloat

Freezing arms warming freezing bodies in vain
Vanquished as their spines contort in this domain
All your fallen will receive this one last boon
The risen shall feast on them until afternoon

All hope is lost beneath the ice
Only scraps now left to the mice

Hail to the throne of crows
This flesh will decompose
But there will be no end to this freeze
And the earth will abound with disease