Wednesday, August 25, 2010

“Chasing Dreams”

Daylight’s only sun burns down

Before the royal night offers its moon

And I’ve wandered the countryside

Lost in this spectacular dream of mine

Where friends and family are closest

And all I’ve ever wanted was in my grasp

For just a moment’s pause; a short breath

I’ve found love so brightly lit within me

As I stare into the eyes of the ocean

And she stares into the eyes of the forest

I’ve placed my mark upon this dusty map

As I cast away that which does not enrich me

I’ll pull all the stars down from the sky

Just to be closer to home, once and for all

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Go Go Humanity"

There is no escape...

A photon laser to cut the wicked smile from your face
Competitive hearts and break beats coded in binary
Your mind will ache and your fingers will tingle
Sore eyes and weapons of mass isolation

Technology enhanced in the eyes of the marauder
Tyrannosaurus Rex was a romantic before its time
Murdering with saw-bladed teeth to survive
Growing up so naïve in this information sea

Mechanical last words are heard from the scraping distance
Wake up with your hands tightly gripping your bedposts
For the eyes of the digital demons are envious today
Come away with me before this heat consumes you

Saturday, August 7, 2010

“Twelve Twelve”

Hey settler, don’t settle
A little bit of love and little bit of virtue
Today is the brightest day of the year
‘Cause this fire will never smolder

I’m facing the edge of the water
And I can see the little ripples
As I remember all of my sorrows
Holding on tightly to my revival

Can’t you see the stars up high?
Like confetti swimming the murky sky
Comes after eleven and just before thirteen
Drip drop, double double, I’m in love

Twelve-twelve and I’m home again

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Safe & Sound

I’m the virulent dreamer
And my eyes are wide open

Is that all you got?
He’s gone missing
Like my brain today

I’m sinking in a submarine below the shadow of a dream

I’m falling out, falling out, falling out
Like the pomegranate’s insides
The knife that destroys the migraines
I’m falling out, falling out, falling out
With the happenstance genocide
Pull the trigger and blow out my brains

I’m on fire and my eyes won’t budge
And now I’m my number one judge
I am wide awake with an Insomnia smile
Listen well and cast out your growing guile
I can see you, demon of the loose lips
Hidden in sorrow behind those swaying hips
The cougar’s mind is filled tight, so vulgar
Coated thick in cinnamon and sugar

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mirror, mirror on the wall tell me why,
Tell me why…
If I could just rip off my own face
I think I’d make an excellent addition
To this society
Unarmed eyes
Make it big
Make money
Fake smile

You’re at the top of the world but it will come undone
The flames are licking at your face, you haven’t even noticed!

Mirror, mirror on the wall tell me why
Tell me why…
We can’t get ahead unless we bury the weak
There’s a place up here for you
All you have to do is climb
Forsake the poor
Unarmed eyes
Make it big
Make money
Fake smile