Monday, October 26, 2009

"Disintegrating Plastic Man"

I've got to wake up from this dream
I slid down the side of a mountain
Gliding down on my self-esteem
Peeling and bleeding like a fountain
I made a big cardboard house
So I could borrow some sleep
Feeling now like an unborn mouse
This cliff is just to damned steep
Rocks attracted to the same fire
Like roots burdened by the dirt
Don't turn around it's a gun for hire
Just don't explode on my new shirt

This skeleton is a wreckage
My perils with skin torn clean off
The mailman is delivering my package
I'll weave a symphony from each skoff
Vending machine offers her support
I'm supposed to run this place alone
I'm gonna tear you apart for my fort
I don't need your mouth, just a bone
Under the umbrella of corpses, it rains
Have you ever seen a plastic man smile
I'm not smart but I've got all these brains
Those melting eyes will forever be in denial

Friday, October 23, 2009

“Overthrowing Myself”

A weakened hand is extended to the sky
The sun glows brighter than ever
Blinding the beholder’s worn eyes
As the wind blows, chanting:

'I don’t want to be any version of me
Let me go away so I don’t have to stay'

The sun abandoned the sky when
The clouds then took it by force and
Darkness reared its ugly face once again
...And the rain escaped the scene

Sunday, October 18, 2009

“8,000 Days”

I awake to a new thought today
Like I’ve changed in some way
I don’t care for this heat at all
It’s hard for me to stand tall

Where are the stars tonight?
It feels like I’ve lost my sight
As hell lunges forth at me
I’m absorbed into this catastrophe

Friday, October 16, 2009

“Default: Red”

Fake people falling from pages of lore
Like synthetic operations being preformed
And becoming my enemy once more
Shivering as I uncurl and become reformed

Bodies littered all across this empty place
Smile while you can before it rains down
Folding down upon itself in this space
The skeleton falls out of its flowing gown