Monday, May 16, 2011

"My Heroine"

She's quick and she's cool
She's strong and she's beautiful

The one that will never destroy me
Never tear me down

She mends my howling spirit
She builds me up

I never would have seen her coming
Faster than a train, stronger than steel

She's the multicolor flower with a million pedals
I can pick them all off and she loves me everytime.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Heart Shaped Heart"

Ghosts with rounded edges, hanging in the sky

I miss you terribly but I’ve already said goodbye

My heart is whole again but scarred forever

The darkness rolls by like a thunderstorm

The past is gone in the blink of an eye

In an instant, friends became foes

In a sequel they are friends once more

While those closest to me are now covered in permanent marker

And I’m the only one left in the photograph

I wish I could dance to the sound of time

The slow, melancholy swing of the pendulum

The tale of love, rivalry, betrayal and hate

I just hope you’re happy out there, wherever you are

As I exit the pixelated reminiscence, my mind melts

And the future draws near…

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Enervating Sigh"

The wide eyed dog at the end of the table

The hand in the fingerless glove on the side of the road

The glass eyes of a caring heart

Can’t complain when all you’ve got is scraps

The shame of the pariah, the taste of guilt

Stones cast into the sky as I remain still

The hand grips the pickaxe and swings once more at the ground

There’s almost no reward for what I do but that doesn’t stop me

So don’t short change me for what you don’t see

The ghost of persecution haunts us all

And I am somebody, worth my weight in gold