Wednesday, December 29, 2010

“Exiting the Smokescreen”

The pit of hopelessness is now a flaming wake
Exiting the smokescreen, I realize I’m breathing cold air
Signs of life have returned to my heart
The ache is gone as I feel a new sense of home
With this beauty at my side, hand in hand
The maw of the world opens up to swallow me
But I’m the burning hand, placed on the pavement
I’ll turn my sorrow to ash and ascend to completion

Friday, December 3, 2010


Why carry the burden?
Always falling into a comfortable place
Like a bee’s stinger piercing the flesh
Yet we move forward…

Until our hearts stop

I woke up to another tragedy
An abandoned heart floats through the sky
Like a monster in a tiny box
And now I’m moving forward

Until my heart stops

But there’s always more
Like an unfinished book
Stained pages, left to rot
The hand cramped and couldn’t move forward

So his heart stopped

The moon drifts through the night
Consumed by the mist
Carrying that heart with it
And my will gaze upon it

Until my heart stops