Tuesday, November 10, 2009

“The Rising Pariah”

Act I: “Wanderers”

This pain is devastating, like a beautiful day ripped away and replaced by the darkest storm.
I’d throw my fists up at the sky and ask “Can’t anyone truly be in love with me?”
I felt hopeless after so many trials and errors, as no one was even remotely interested in me.
I feel like I’m all alone today and I’m staggering forward, toward these glass doors.
Somber upon approaching what would be some sort of makeshift career, I suppose.
Here I met someone, not a girl, but my new superior and he were kind as he were cunning.
There was a brief moment where we talked and exchanged ideas, away from work, but…
He packed up and headed south for what seemed like forever but I’d only lost a fellow, or so I’d thought.
My eyes would roll and my mind would turn as my own deeds were recognized within these walls.
Hope was once again upon my dire soul, dancing around inside of me, sending me awry.
I believe the clouds may be parting, sending me some gifts for my hard work, finally.

Act II: “Foul Play and the Shadow of Enmity”

My head was spinning, spinning, spinning and here I am. I’m not afraid.
I want to be brave, but it’s hard when they give you a brief explanation
Then they decide to drop you off, drop you off, in the middle of the chaos.
I wasn’t expecting this, no, not this! I’m feeling busy, feeling crowded.
I’m watching these people, once friends, now children dancing around me.
Advantages are to be had over me, snakes, snakes all of them!
Where can I draw this line? I’m not sure I can, I’m feeling so, so lost!
Why did they throw me into this, so unprepared, oh, was it a trap?
Strengthening myself, I huffed and I puffed and I lost control.
It all seemed like it were crashing down and burning.

Act III: “Fates and Destinies”

Grumbling and hobbling around, doing extra work here and there,
My body grew tired, but my eyes had a different story to tell.
He had returned, for he was once a superior, now aiming to be an equal.
I felt a rush of joy overwhelm me, a familiar face in place of strangers.
Could it be? He returned for me? Doubtful, but maybe it was a sign.
We grew and formed a friendship out of steel, for our trials were not unalike.
Even though my heart was even more neglected than ever, I was finally smiling.
I learned of his heartaches and listened when I could, I reassured him it would be okay.
Not truly knowing if it would, I had to have hope so that I may be able to pass it on to him.
My luck was not at its end either; God had something extraordinary in store for me.

Act IV: “My Final Angel, a Course of Disaster”

I looked upon her and I knew she was special, so beautiful and so intelligent.
I was instantly feeling a pull to her, like my spirit was glowing in this proximity.
Unfortunately, despite this connection, I regret, she does not belong to me.
In the arms of my best friend, she looked at me and smiled, but I felt so terrible.
Like I was stuck in a pit and I had two options, light or dark it seemed.
When she extended her hand, I couldn’t resist because I’d met my soul mate.
Would he understand? Could he? I was finding myself lost in a gaze.
I fell so hard in love; there was nothing that could stop me, not now, not ever.
Feeling like I was truly righteous, the conversation took place.
I felt like he would never understand that God had brought her to me,
I understand the jealousy, but I did not view it as a normal circumstance,
Yet I was pronounced a thief among friends and I was soon cast away.

Act V: “Distress: a Civil War”

That night seemed like a nightmare, the journey lied ahead and I felt two emotions.
Like I’d been torn in two, so happy, yet so lost; I felt like I made a deal with the devil.
I returned to my profession, that very night, I’d never been so late but as fate would have it…
My equal was the one on the other side of that phone call, he understood my predicament.
Though, upon arrival, he was not very happy, no he was very tired and very confused.
He did not speak out against me and for that I felt a new hope take hold of me.
I’d lost my best friend but gained a truly good friend and the love of my life.
Life was filling out the emptiness inside of me, spare one hole that couldn’t yet be fixed.
In the pausing of time for a moment, I presented my love with a ring and a promise.
She smiled, she cried & she accepted; we would be married, soon enough.
My best friend and I were at war it would seem, casting words upon one another.
Like bullets, raining from the sky, the sky was falling and others got drafted into the skirmish.
Outnumbered, I soon fled; I found a new home with my love and spent more time with my new friend.

Act VI: “Crumbling Castles, Years of Silence & Talk of the Future”

My career had collapsed upon itself, even as I tried with all my might.
There was a witch to blame for this one, yes indeed, she was a witch.
She lay hexed upon me and vexed me from dawn until dusk.
After every ounce of me was beaten out and stripped of my superiority,
I became a fledgling once again, sunken back to the depths.
I was once again where I had started out, completely at a loss.
I mustered up as much strength as I could and I left that place.
I moved on and watched an empty building for a living.
Darkness, all around me, always, I had time to ponder.
Silence had driven my best friend and me apart.
I knew what I had to do; I smiled and went home to her.

Act VII: “White”

My new friend had become a brother and consequently my best man.
I remember how eager I was, how restless I was, let’s not forget happy.
May these pieces fit together, perfectly, for I am about to be wed.
I spent the whole day with my brother before my eyes caught my beauty.
I learned that he cared for me more than I’d thought he did.
I was ambushed by all the happiness in my life, it was pure bliss.
She passed through the threshold, arms linked with her father.
It even seemed like slow motion to me, as if it were a movie.
She came to me and came to be my misses, forever it was forged.
I cried for happiness, I remember, and I will never forget how it felt.

Act VIII: “An Unlikely Joining, For Better or Worse”

Yes we’ve had our problems, this girl I knew and I, indeed.
She was my wife’s closest ally, or so it seemed, indeed.
Casual were the batting of her eyelashes, the biting of her lip.
My brother would soon find himself moving closer to her.
As they helped us move back to a familiar place to me: home.
Not seeming to like each other at first, they soon feel in love.
This phenomenon couldn’t be simply explained, no not at all.
For this girl had been a witch in her years yet passed.
Suddenly I found myself aiding them as they had aided me.
Maybe opposite in location, but surely, they moved in together.
At first things went well, everyone is happy, everyone is smiling.

Act IX: “The Poisoning”

I grew small and she grew tall, once a witch, was it magic she used?
A master of manipulation had taken him from me and not for free.
The price was high and I was made to pay, as I wouldn’t see him much anymore.
Little did I know I was being cast aside; I was sent on my way as the darkness returned.
Creaking floorboards, quiet little sounds, where do I fit into all of this?
I’m afraid I’m losing my breath under these dark waters, oh no, oh no.
I feel like I’ve been swindled, I’m losing my brother, rapidly as it would seem.
I’ve made another deal with a devil and this one can’t be reasoned with.
Alone in the dark we collapse, as I’ve always said, luckily I wasn’t alone.
My spouse had kept me close and this blizzard is not invincible, no not tonight.

Act X: “The Prisoner, the Demon and the exile”

This pain is devastating, like a beautiful day ripped away and replaced by the darkest storm.
She took my brother away and I was made to pay as I lay my head down and pray.
I’m feeling so lost and I’m no longer the boss I’ve found a tomb for myself in the frost
I can’t even stand when I’m stuck in this sand I’m wishing for a new land, somewhere grand.
The witch is loose and I feel like a simple goose, a child who is not allowed to have his juice.
As fates twist and turn, will the witch ever learn that she has just left me here to yearn and yearn?

These skies (These skies) are shaking and tearing in two (Shaking, tearing in two) I’m not surprised.
This witch has not changed (She hasn’t changed) she’s become a demon (She is a demon)

Can I truly wander freely in this open space in my head?
Will I never see my brother again? I think I understand
How my best friend felt when he lost me because of my choice
Now I’m losing him and he’s enticed by a demon, he doesn’t
Know any better and I’m stuck here to rot, does he not see?!

I feel so alone when it comes to that relationship, the one I once had.
If maybe someday they part ways and he is free again to his own will,
Maybe then he will seek me out…

Act XI: “Can the pariah survive?”

If only things could be different between you and me, I miss you so.
I am so eager to be your friend again one day, it brings me to tears.
Even after being reunited with my best friend, I still feel this hole.
I feel so lost, so empty, I’d do anything to have you back at my side.
Unfortunately, you’ve made your choice, I must accept that.
Everything reminds me of you, my brother, and it hurts, always.
I pray that things may be different one day, as I long for it to be.
For it hurts to be cast away and chosen last as it would seem.
I mustn’t be selfish, for I have the love of my life and my best friend back,
As well as many other friends I thought I had once lost, but I don’t have you.
I just want you to be happy, whether it is with or without me near.

May the skies rise anew and maybe in time I’ll find my way to you?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

“You’re Not Extraordinary, You’re Just Extra Ordinary”

I’m still here! I can feel the atmosphere but that isn’t all, my dear.
Casualties are being made by a motionless blade, how strange, oh how strange.
I’ve been here before, right where I’m standing in this unchanging world.

As toxic as your eyes are,
These plains set fire.
Among the radiation, I sleep.

For crying out loud, I’m still here, breathing.
I’m not afraid of the future but I’m not very excited to see yours.
If I were an astronaut, I’d float away and never return to this unchanging world.

A crescent light bleeds the sky and I’m stuck here, dreaming in poison.
Crime and punishment are one in the same and are appropriately named.
I want to be what I most admire, because life would be easier if I were inspired.

As toxic as your eyes are,
These plains set fire
Among the radiation, I sleep.

I’m still here! But I can’t feel the atmosphere.
Casualties are being made by a lightning-fast blade.
I’ve been here before, in a world that won’t ever change.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Disintegrating Plastic Man"

I've got to wake up from this dream
I slid down the side of a mountain
Gliding down on my self-esteem
Peeling and bleeding like a fountain
I made a big cardboard house
So I could borrow some sleep
Feeling now like an unborn mouse
This cliff is just to damned steep
Rocks attracted to the same fire
Like roots burdened by the dirt
Don't turn around it's a gun for hire
Just don't explode on my new shirt

This skeleton is a wreckage
My perils with skin torn clean off
The mailman is delivering my package
I'll weave a symphony from each skoff
Vending machine offers her support
I'm supposed to run this place alone
I'm gonna tear you apart for my fort
I don't need your mouth, just a bone
Under the umbrella of corpses, it rains
Have you ever seen a plastic man smile
I'm not smart but I've got all these brains
Those melting eyes will forever be in denial

Friday, October 23, 2009

“Overthrowing Myself”

A weakened hand is extended to the sky
The sun glows brighter than ever
Blinding the beholder’s worn eyes
As the wind blows, chanting:

'I don’t want to be any version of me
Let me go away so I don’t have to stay'

The sun abandoned the sky when
The clouds then took it by force and
Darkness reared its ugly face once again
...And the rain escaped the scene

Sunday, October 18, 2009

“8,000 Days”

I awake to a new thought today
Like I’ve changed in some way
I don’t care for this heat at all
It’s hard for me to stand tall

Where are the stars tonight?
It feels like I’ve lost my sight
As hell lunges forth at me
I’m absorbed into this catastrophe

Friday, October 16, 2009

“Default: Red”

Fake people falling from pages of lore
Like synthetic operations being preformed
And becoming my enemy once more
Shivering as I uncurl and become reformed

Bodies littered all across this empty place
Smile while you can before it rains down
Folding down upon itself in this space
The skeleton falls out of its flowing gown

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

“Sinister Marionettes”

Like hopeless dreams and forsaken thoughts,
They skitter around, violently, searching.

Open mouths, moving along the wavelengths.
Harmonized, they gaze upon one another.

The seeds of fate have been sewn today.
Error upon error, exploited little monsters.

The darkened sky relinquishing its own tears.
Only to shame the puppet-master once more.

“Crimson Horizon: Awakening”

Shattering glass rains from the ceiling
The lights flicker fiercely before they die out.
Malicious cries can be heard within the walls.
Sanity at its edge, you’re on borrowed time.
Your oxygen is running low and you’re all alone.
Fractured bones, ringing telephones…
Where oh where has my sanity gone?
Now all your friends are dismembered.
Yet their bodies rise once again.
Not the same as before, with their empty eyes.
Craving your flesh and blood, hungering.
The horror is overwhelming as you watch.
Survival is your only remaining ally.

“Foreverless Dawn”

The hulking sorrow, muddling its words
Casual is the pariah, drained of nourishment
The sun rises like blight upon the hillside
I’m a machine, rusting under streetlights
Withering memories, haunting my conscious
Tethering silence with fine print, agony whispers
I’m staggering, delusional through these halls
Now a pariah, rotting away from the inside out

“A Dimensional Portal Summoned By Bloodthirsty Twin Sister”

Denizens of corrupted space overwhelm the infected race
Take your pills take your pills!!!
Like the stranger in the van at the supermarket
Daises erode the crescent skylights
We are all caustic and our will is hostile
Wash me from all my sin
O father please let me in
I’ve got everything I need right here,
Take my lust, my sorrow, my hatred, my fear
I am not a ghost, I am a man
O god, I am your number one fan
My fellow flesh and bone
Here’s loving the stars like dear old friends

“Take This City” +

Your eyes fixate as the lights attack the darkness with one swift motion
A symphony of cracking bones is abruptly interrupted when-

Seething souls and callous hearts are woven together with love
They’re gaining on you with every pause between every breath

Our late brother has found a new home under the earth
Now watch as the flames tease the toes of the sky tyrants

Only cursed souls can truly see those bloodthirsty fangs, gnashing
Claws ripping at the flesh of the metropolis, only poisoning themselves

Why conquer the beaten; the fallen have nothing to offer but excuses
This dismal of all days has become a funeral, courtesy of this giant rock

Driven mad with rage and forced to retaliate, our fates are sealed
The ocean beckons and all we offer are just thoughts scribbled upon paper

“Killer Bees” +

Haunting my thoughts like an evil pastry with extra terrifying filling
Mysterious yet oblivious she rolls her eyes yet again

These words are snakes and you’re holding your mice dangerously close to me
I….Filled a hole with bones and slid the freshly disturbed earth back over the top
I patted it down with my feet, leaving the kind of shoes I wear as evidence

Oh no will they get me or will they break me in two? I wonder… I wonder.
I don’t even care anymore.

The veins in my body are so convenient; I’m glad I don’t have to take it upon myself to keep the blood flowing.
I’d rather rub beauty bark all over your ironic face.

Crush the rocks between your fingers, I need more sand in this barren wasteland so I have a better chance of seeing an oasis. My mythical creatures unite.

I looked at the sun until it shattered across the sky.
Mirror mirror on the wall, I hope you fall.


A grey skinned hand emerges from the cracking ground.
It violently pushes the deadened earth aside.
The figure pulls itself halfway out of the ground,
Revealing eyes like a television with a lost signal.
Its mouth opens and expels dust, no breathe, no sounds.
Now crawling out with its hands, it scratches at the earth for leverage.
Finally, its body is fully exposed, possessing no gender.
It holds out its hands and closes its eyes.
The fingertips slowly start to smoke and flames suddenly appear around them.
It opens its mouth once more, but this time thick oil seeps from its mouth.
Clouds swarm the sky and it suddenly becomes dark.
The horizon gets blurry as it would in the heat of summer.
The figure opens its eyes and closes its mouth.
It starts to rain, but the droplets don’t reach the ground before they evaporate.
The being hunches over and calls out in a strange, distorted voice.
Its shoulder blades start to swell as if something was trying to escape its body.
The skin tears open and a single great black feathered wing emerges from each side.
Oil pours from the fresh wounds, leaking down the creature’s back.
The figure recovers from its pain and opens its arms to the sky.
Its wings spread out like a raven and the figure calls out again, louder this time.
The earth rumbles this time and a fierce clamoring can be heard within the clouds.
The being flies up into the sky with its enormous wings, returning its hands to its side.
The earth stops revolving, it just stands completely still in outer space.
The earth is drained to a dull grayish color and the oceans to a brownish gold, resembling oil.
The creature flies around, setting fire to the dry, withering star.
The burning planet, formerly known as earth cracks and crumbles apart.
Consumed wholly by the hollowing darkness.

“568 Malfunction” +

Faintly luminous, the eyes shut like a blast door.
I can interlock my fingers now, before I explode.
Five hundred circles appear when I close my eyes.
If I move my finger across the sky you might see.
Nostalgia ensues like a program set to autorun.
Birds grace the sunlit sky, but abandon the night.
We cannot avoid the inevitable any longer I’m afraid.
Dead bodies must be planted with in the earth.
Only then, will dreams be born anew.
We just have to find a way to sleep…
[Transmission cuts off]

"Extirpating An Angel's Death-Wish"

These heated nights, these city lights, this casual blight,
As it would seem

My mind crosses through outer space and crumbles before the
Swirling mass, suspended in freezing darkness.

Doomed by actions and groomed by fractions, these hands tremble.
Darker than the silhouette of a decaying tree, your eyes stare at me.

Smirking, inhuman, leering, tonight is the night.
Where can I get a drink? I need a refreshment, if you'd please.

I'm just a cybernetic man! Pieced together by one such as yourself!
My heart is but an engine, running on gasoline...

It will take warfare and bloodshed for me to go on any longer.
I'm the contradiction of my own existence, an idle illusion.

Intake, gasp and fall short of breath, as I cannot breathe human atmosphere.
My veins will rust and I shall become my own commemorating statue.